How Scoring Works
Event #3: Pick/Pack Hurdle

Teams will move the 32 boxes from their pallet to a warehouse racking system while memorizing positioning and SKUs in a timed race. This event will be performed by up to three team members.

The scoring for the event is based upon the number of correct package placements in each corresponding rack. In the event that more than one team has the same number of boxes in the correct bin, the tiebreaker will be based upon the team that took the least amount of time to complete the event.

If all teams place their boxes in the correct rack, first place will be awarded to whoever did it in the least amount of time, second place to the next least amount of time, etc. If a team completes the event first but has an incorrect box placement on the rack, that team will be second to all those who finished with all boxes in the correct rack, etc.

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