How Scoring Works

Depending on the number of teams, the first place team will receive the highest number of  points.  For example, if there are ten teams, the first place team will receive ten (10) points;  the second place team will receive nine (9) points and so on. The team with the highest overall score after all events will be awarded the Golden Pallet as the overall winner of the  LOGISTXGAMES.

Event #1: Pallet Puzzle Sprint

Teams will compete to package their Box Put container, assemble corrugated boxes and efficiently stack the boxes on a designated pallet. The team, which can consist of up to three team members, will complete the event once the following criteria are met.

  1. Teams must package Box Put container.
  2. Teams must assemble and tape 32 corrugated boxes.
  3. The 33 boxes (32 that were assembled and the Box Put container) are to be arranged on a pallet.

The team with the shortest time to meet the criteria will be the winner.

Note – Stack pallet carefully as the finished pallet will be raced through a pallet-jack obstacle course in the next event.

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