How Scoring Works
Event #2: Pallet Jack Relay

Teams will participate in a timed pallet jack relay race that will also require the skill of keeping packages on the pallet.

Three team members needed for this event.

The first person stands next to the pallet and pallet jack and at the signal will start by lifting the pallet.  The first competitor begins to make his/her way through obstacle course-running not allowed- then hands off to the second person. The second person completes the obstacle course and places load in the space marked, lowers load and removes pallet truck completely from the pallet. The second person then re-enters that same pallet and begins to go back through the obstacle course, then hands off to the third team member who completes the balance of the course and places load in the designated location.

Note: Boxes must stay on the pallet during the event and across the finish line. Should a package fall from the pallet, it must be restacked before proceeding through the course.  Only the person handling the pallet at the time a box(es) falls off is allowed to restack.

Team with the fastest time wins.

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